Regulated Professional Planner Member Roster

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First Name Last Name Organization Membership Type
Andrew Palmiere O2 Planning + Design Inc. RPP
Claudia Palylyk CLPC-PENV RPP Non Practicing
Adam Pantelimon Government of Alberta RPP
Olimpia Pantelimon Alberta Municipal Affairs RPP
Cajun Paradis Lacombe County Candidate
Bryana Parahoniak City of Medicine Hat Candidate
Ashley Parks City Of Calgary RPP
William Patch Government of Nunavut RPP
Marcus Paterson City Of Calgary RPP
Susan M. Paton ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. RPP
Deanne Patsula City of Edmonton RPP
David Pattison Alberta Infrastructure RPP
Joanna Patton CivicWorks RPP
Travis Pawlyk City of Edmonton RPP
Ryan Payne Foothills County RPP
Kyle Payne City of Edmonton RPP
Erica Peacock City of Edmonton RPP
Stephen Pearce City Of Calgary RPP
W. Grant Pearsell RPP Non Practicing
Sarah Peck Town of High River RPP
Veronique Pelletier Parks Canada RPP
Chen Peng WSP Canada Inc. RPP
Lyla Peter City of Edmonton RPP
Ann Peters self RPP
Chad Peters Level Playing Field Inc. Candidate
Nathan Petherick B&A Planning Group RPP
Victoria Pham University of Alberta RPP Non Practicing
Lana Phillips City of Edmonton RPP
Darha Phillpot Phillpot Consulting RPP
Michael Pieters City of Leduc RPP
Brendan Pinches City of Edmonton RPP
Howard Pinnock City of Cold Lake RPP
Theresa Piorkowski City of Edmonton Candidate
Colin Poitras City of Edmonton Candidate
Amanda Polini IBI Group RPP