World Town Planning Day

APPI supports World Town Planning Day (WTPD) as an opportunity to promote better understanding and awareness of Canadian Planners and planning to the local community and all levels of government. WTPD is November 8 of each year. APPI Regional Event Committees are proud ambassadors and host various events to connect planner, public and government.

On the week of November 4-8, CIP will hold a week-long online conference, which will showcase presentations on important planning issues and innovations from Canada and around the world. 

CIP WTPD Call for Abstracts Deadline: September 13, 2019 5:00 pm EDT 

APPI 2019 WTPD Events!

'City Dreamers' a film by Joseph Hillel November 6 at the Metro Cinema, 7:00 PM, Edmonton Click here for the poster.

WTPD Webinar, November 8 online, 10:00 AM, School of Community Government  Click here for the poster. Contact Scott Lough, [email protected] for further information and to register.