Standing Committees

Registration Committee

One of the central committees to APPI’s purpose and function, the Registration Committee deals with the evaluation and approval of candidates for all classes of membership. Centered in the Edmonton area to take advantage of our excellent administrative resources, it meets on a regular basis to examine membership applications, logbooks and to deal with issues which arise related to membership within the Profession and the Institute.

Scott Pragnell RPP - Chair
David Hales RPP
Greg Hofmann RPP
Jim Killoh RPP
Vicki Dodge RPP
Erin O Neill RPP
Chelsea Whitty RPP - Council non voting member
MaryJane Alanko – Registrar

Practice Review Committee/Planning Education Committee

Another one of the committees fundamental to fulfilling the Institute’s mandate under both the Bylaws and the Professional Planner Regulation, this committee was recently re-established with goal to develop APPI’s position and advocacy for renewal of a fully accredited university planning program in Alberta.

Peter Yackulic RPP - Chair
Peter Vana RPP
Glinis Buffalo RPP - Council non voting member

Discipline Committee

It’s purpose is to serve as an adjudicating body for the responsibility of the Institute to self-police it’s membership. They are called upon only in response to complaints regarding the conduct – ethical or professional – of any of our members.

Roy Wright RPP - Chair
Leo Kyllo RPP
Connie Gourley RPP
Greg Birch RPP
Richard Parker RPP
Jamal Ramjohn RPP
Cindy Miller-Reade RPP
Erin O Neill RPP

APPI Council Strategic Committees

Executive Director Review Committee

Mac Hickley RPP Chair
Carol Bergum RPP
Amanda-Brea Watson RPP

Governance Committee

Mac Hickley RPP Chair
Amanda-Brea Watson RPP
Peter Ohm RPP

Finance Committee

Jeff Chase RPP - Chair
Glinis Buffalo RPP
Peter Ohm RPP

APPI External Appointments

Edmonton Design Committee - Term to April 30, 2021 - Dnyanesh Deshpande RPP

Calgary Urban Design Review Panel - Term to November  2021, Chris Hardwicke RPP and Ben Bailey RPP
Calgary Planning Commission - Term to November 2021 - Andrew Palmiere RPP

University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design Council - Khalid Mohammed, RPP

University of Alberta Faculty of Extension ALUP Advisory Committee for 2020/2021 - Jeff Chase, RPP


Ad hoc Committees

Nominating Committee

Appointed each year for the purposes of recruiting members to serve on Council for the upcoming Council term, membership on this committee is approved by Council each fall and the Committee’s work terminates in the spring with the announcement of the slate of candidates for the upcoming election.

Tammy Henry RPP - Chair
Shawn Bravander RPP
Gary Buchanan RPP

Awards and Volunteer Recognition Committees

These committees are responsible for soliciting and judging entries to the annual planning awards and volunteer recognition awards program. These awards celebrate the work of our members and stand as tribute to the excellent contributions their work makes to the field of planning.

Chris Dulaba RPP - Chair of the Planning Awards
Dale Frietag RPP
Kellie Lau RPP
Claire Woodside RPP

Josephine Duquette RPP - Chair of the Volunteer Recognition Awards
Nancy Hackett RPP
Judy May-MacDonald RPP

Sarah Ramey RPP - Chair of the Student Awards Committee
Gary Buchanan RPP
Kate van Fraassen RPP
Jean Ehlers RPP
Dana Bao RPP

Event Committees

These committees function to offer networking and educational opportunities to our members, largely in the form of luncheon presentations on issues that are both timely and relevant to the practice of Planning.  They generally offer a series of events to each local planning community over the course of the fall/winter/spring. Opportunities for involvement in these committees always exist – either as a part of the organizing team or as one of the informed speakers they tend to attract.

Edmonton Event Committee

Natasha Desandi - Chair
Gary Buchanan RPP
Oliver Green RPP
Claudia Palylyk RPP
Connor Smith RPP
Taylor Varro RPP
Victoria Pham RPP
Lyndsay Francis
Micheal Borland
Kyle Payne
Stephen Yu RPP


Calgary Event Committee

Khalid Mohammed RPP –  Co Chair
Courtney Lawrence RPP - Co Chair
Lauren Gagatek RPP
Phil Dack RPP
Patrick Churchman RPP
Jessica Anderson

Central Region Event Committee


South Event Committee

Spencer Croil RPP
Tyson Boylan RPP

Northern Event Committee

Chris Hewitt RPP
Margaret Kralt RPP

Conference Organizing Committee

On an annual basis, this committee administers the APPI Planning Conference. The work involved is varied and challenging as this committee is responsible for all facets of a successful conference – program definition, speaker selection, sponsor contributions and marketing. 

Continuing Professional Learning Committee

This committee is responsible for communicating to the membership the merits and requirements of continuous professional learning.

David Kinnaird RPP - Chair
Sasha Tsenkova RPP
Josephine Duquette RPP
Melanie Bishoff RPP
Gary Buchanan RPP

Standards Committee (SC)

Scott Pragnell RPP

Professional Standards Board (PSB)

Gary Buchanan RPP