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2019 APPI Regional Compensation and Benefits Survey – Professional Planners Move Closer to Gender Pay Equity

The national, provincial and territorial planning institutes and associations released the results of the first comprehensive nation-wide compensation and benefits survey of Canadian professional planners on October 23, 2019. The survey had 1,850 respondents nationally, of which 229 were members of APPI, representing 12% of the survey participants. APPI’s Regional Report is now available as well as the Report Summary Infographic. Click here to read the Bulletin.

APPI Member Engagement Survey

APPI conducted a survey to determine how best to connect with members working in rural, northern, and urban areas outside Edmonton and Calgary. The results have provided a better understanding of your engagement needs with the Institute.

APPI Member Engagement Survey Report

APPI Professional Planners move closer to pay equity

The 2017 Compensation and Benefits Survey was designed to gather information regarding the demograghics, job responsibilities and compensation and benefits of regulated members of the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI). It replicates a previous survey that was conducted in 2015. 353 members completed the survey and the following statistics pertain to those who responded to the survey.

New! Quick visual summary of both reports

Alberta is known for having one of the nation’s biggest wage gaps between women and men.  In 2015, the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) conducted our first independent compensation survey.  The survey revealed a mean annual wage gap between male and female planners of $13,690.  As an organization that values ethical practice, integrity and fair process, this gap initially came as a shock. APPI Council strategically decided to conduct the compensation survey bi-annually to measure changes and report back to the membership.  From the  2017 APPI Compensation Report, we can see that progress toward wage parity has been made in the past two years.


APPI 2017 Compensation and Benefits Survey Report

APPI 2017 Compensation and Benefits Survey Bulletin


APPI 2015 Compensation and Benefits Survey Report

APPI 2015 Compensation Gender Analysis Report

APPI 2015 Member Survey Report