Welcome to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute

Welcome to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute

Our Mission:
We are the face of the planning profession within Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We serve the public interest by providing regulation, advocacy, promotion and services for our members.

Our Vision:
Excellence in the planning profession.

Our Values: 

  • We value ethical practice.

  • We value diversity.

  • We value resilient communities that support the wellbeing of their residents.

  • We value the public interest and believe in public participation in planning.

  • We value a fair and democratic process.

  • We value environmental integrity and social and economic sustainability for the wellbeing of future generations.

  • We value continuous learning of members for the benefit of communities and the profession.


What's New!

National Professional Core Competencies Update and Call for Volunteers

Members are invited to register to participate in the up-coming process to establish the Canadian planning profession’s core competencies.

In early 2019, the Standards Committee (SC) initiated a project to review and update the core competencies. To achieve national consensus, an online consultation and validation process is being launched in early February 2021. Using the Delphi engagement process, select participants will receive sequential online questionnaires for the purpose of building consensus.

More information and registration for anonymous participation in the Expert Panel Delphi can be found by going to:


Your voice is critical in establishing national consensus on the core competencies of the planning profession in Canada, which in turn will shape future generations of planners.