Welcome to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute

Welcome to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute

Our Mission:
We are the face of the planning profession within Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We serve the public interest by providing regulation, advocacy, promotion and services for our members.

Our Vision:
Excellence in the planning profession.

Our Values: 

  • We value ethical practice.

  • We value diversity.

  • We value resilient communities that support the wellbeing of their residents.

  • We value the public interest and believe in public participation in planning.

  • We value a fair and democratic process.

  • We value environmental integrity and social and economic sustainability for the wellbeing of future generations.

  • We value continuous learning of members for the benefit of communities and the profession.


What's New!

Thank you to our Sponsors, Presenters, Committee and Delegates

for being wonderful understanding participants on this ride. We have learned on the fly, put our heads together and have come up with solutions, innovative ideas and shared a common goal of providing the best online conference we can. 



Thank you to all planners for your hard work leading and implementing strategies to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

APPI administration are working remotely to maintain services and support our members.

For full up-to-date direct information from public health officials regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation here are helpful resource links:
•    Government of Alberta alberta.ca/covid
•    Government of Canada

Think about reaching out to friends, family, and people in the community to provide or ask for support.

Stay well, stay safe, and stay in touch.