Regulated Professional Planner Member Roster

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First Name Last Name Organization Membership Type
Sarah Cadue Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Candidate Non Practicing
Cassandra Caiger Intelligent Futures RPP
Wesley Caldwell Carson Integrated RPP
Deanna Cambridge Strathcona County RPP
Ivy Campbell City Of Calgary RPP
Latosia Campbell-Walters RPP
Felipe Canavera City of Edmonton Candidate
Jared Candlish Green Space Alliance Candidate
Coreena Carr Foothills County RPP
Barton Carswell Carswell Planning RPP
Sean David Carter Town of Okotoks RPP
Bronwyn Castronuovo Rocky View County Candidate
Heloisa Ceccato Mendes City Of Calgary RPP
Stephanie Chai EMRB RPP Non Practicing
Mandy Wing Yin Chan Town of Edson Candidate
Allison Chan City Of Calgary RPP
Calvin Chan City of Edmonton RPP
Janice Chan City Of Calgary RPP
Such Chandhiok Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo RPP
Robert Chapple Government of Nunavut RPP
Pascal Charest Alberta Infrastructure RPP
Jeffery Chase City of Edmonton RPP
Andrew Chell City of Wetaskiwin RPP
Selina Xiaoyan Chen Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo RPP
Zirong (Leo) Chen City Of Calgary RPP
Simon Cheng City Of Calgary RPP
Heather Chisholm B&A Planning Group RPP
Lisa Chong HSCA Candidate
Cathryn Chopko-Beck IBI Group RPP
Eric Chow RPP
Geoff Chow Stratecon Inc. RPP Non Practicing
Kate Churchill Albert Environment and Parks RPP
Gabriel Churchill WSP Canada Inc. Candidate
Patrick Churchman RPP
Rafal Cichowlas City Of Calgary RPP