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Professional Designations and the Use of RPP

APPI’s RPP members have rights and responsibilities defined in both the Alberta Professional Planner Regulation and APPI’s bylaws.  Within the APPI jurisdiction, the Institute has the exclusive authority to grant the RPP professional designation and protected title to those members who have completed the certification process and relevant standards for ethical and professional competency. The RPP credential is an assurance of quality for employers who want to attract the most professional, skilled and competent planners.  RPP’s bring added value to their employers and their communities.  APPI encourages all RPP certified members to proudly use the RPP professional designation alongside their names, in business signatures on business cards, in email signatures and on professional social media sites such as LinkedIn.  This further promotes the planning profession and raises the credibility and profile of Registered Professional Planners (RPP’s).  With the goal of aiming for a consistent approach across Canada, the  various Provincial, Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIA’s), including APPI, have committed to encouraging RPP members to members to adopt the practice of listing the ‘RPP” designation immediately following their name, followed by ‘MCIP’, where applicable and when also denoting the national affiliation with CIP.  



APPI Fee Schedule 2020

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Member Category APPI APPI GST Professional Liability Insurance CIP CIP GST Total 2020
Registered & Candidates $330.76  $16.54  $44.00  $214.00   $10.70  $616.00
Non Practicing, Retired & Corporate Non-Active  $73.57  $3.68  N/A  $75.00  $3.75   $156.00
Non Resident  $330.48  $16.52  N/A  N/A  N/A  $347.00
Student Accredited Program  $57.14  $2.86  N/A  $0.00  $0.0  $60.00
Student Non-Accredited Program $57.15 $2.86 N/A $22.00 $1.10 $83.10
 $330.76  $16.54  N/A  $214.00  $10.70  $572.00


Member RE-Activation Fee
$350 plus applicable back dues and late penalties (application restricted to two years for members in good standing only)

Examinations – GST not applicable
Oral Exam $430