Member Information

Reminder! The APPI/CIP 2019 Member Fee Invoices were issued via email in December 2018 and were payable January 2, 2019

We encourage you to remit your member fees immediately in order to remain a member in good standing and ensure coverage under the Professional Liability Insurance Program, where applicable.

After March 31, 2019 a 10% late penalty is applicable on all outstanding member fees.

The 2019 member renewal invoices have been issued via email during the week of December 10, 2018.  Those invoices include the 2019 APPI fees, CIP fees, and the Professional Liability Insurance premium (for Candidate and RPP Members).  As per Bylaw Amendment 2017-1, membership with CIP is no longer mandatory for APPI members and at renewal time members are annually providing with the opportunity to decline CIP membership.

To opt out of CIP membership, please email [email protected], and you will be issued a revised 2019 member renewal invoice with the 2019 CIP fees removed.   Any APPI member who opts out of CIP membership for 2019 may at any time during 2019 or beyond, upon request to APPI, be reinstated as a member of CIP with no additional re-application or re-certification process or fees. 

It is important to note that while a member in any APPI class may opt out of CIP membership for 2019, regulated members who opt out should consider the following:
1. Right to the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) professional designation and protected title will be retained, but those opting out of CIP will cease to have the right to use MCIP, which is not required to maintain regulated professional practice in the APPI jurisdiction.
2. Participation in the APPI Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Program will remain mandatory.
3. Compliance with the APPI Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program will remain mandatory.

All APPI members, even those who opt out of CIP membership, will continue to report their CPL activities using the CIP reporting system.


APPI Fee Schedule 2019

Member Category APPI APPI GST Professional Liability Insurance CIP CIP GST Total 2018
Registered & Candidates $321.38  $16.07  $45.00  $191.00   $9.55  $583.00
Non Practicing, Retired & Corporate Non-Active  $71.67  $3.58  N/A  $75.00  $3.75   $154.00
Non Resident  $320.95  $16.04  N/A  N/A  N/A  $337.00
Student  $55.24  $2.76  N/A  $0.00  $0.0  $58.00
 $321.38  $16.07  N/A  $191.00  $9.55  $538.00


Member RE-Activation Fee
$330 plus applicable back dues and late penalties (application restricted to two years for members in good standing only)

Examinations – GST not applicable
Oral Exam $430
Written Exam $450