Member Information

2021 APPI Member Renewals

APPI Council has made the decision to waive any increase to the APPI member fees for 2021 and there will be no increase to the Professional Liability Insurance Premium (CPLI) for 2021.  CIP’s fees are based on a 2% increase over 2020, in keeping with last year’s inflation rate.  APPI members are reminded that membership with CIP is not mandatory for APPI members. If you do not wish to hold membership with CIP for 2021, you may opt out of CIP membership by emailing that request to [email protected]. You will then be emailed a revised 2021 invoice with the CIP member fees removed.  The 2021 APPI/CIP member renewal invoices will be issued electronically on or before December 11, 2020 and payment is due by January 4, 2021.  For more information on the 2021 Member Renewals click here.  

Special Considerations During Life Change or Challenges

If you are currently not practicing planning as the result of a life change or challenge you may be eligible to change from RPP or Candidate practicing status to RPP or Candidate Non-Practicing.   For more information on RPP and Candidate Non-Practicing Status and how to submit a request to change member status: Click here for the Request to Change Member Status from RPP or Candidate Practicing to RPP or Candidate Non-Practicing form. Click here for the Request to Change Member Status from RPP or Candidate Non-Practicing to RPP or Candidate Practicing form.

Consequences of 2020 Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Non-Compliance AND/OR Not Renewing Membership for 2021

The Professional Planner Regulation does not provide for the re-instatement of former or lapsed members of APPI.  Therefore, if you are experiencing challenging circumstances that may prevent you from meeting your regulated member obligation of 2020 CPL compliance and/or paying your 2021 member fees, you are encouraged to contact the APPI Registrar at [email protected]

 2021 APPI Member Fee Schedule

Member Category APPI APPI GST Professional Liability Insurance APPI Total CIP CIP GST CIP Total APPI & CIP Total 2021
RPP & Candidate Practicing $330.77  $16.54  $44.00 $391.31  $218.28   $10.91 $229.19  $620.50
RPP & Candidate Non Practicing  $73.57  $3.68  N/A $77.25  $75.00  $3.75 $78.75   $156.00
Retired (Non-Regulated Members) $73.57 $3.68 N/A $77.25 $75.00 $3.75 $78.75 $156.00
Non Resident  $330.48  $16.52  N/A $347.00  N/A  N/A N/A  $347.00
Student Accredited Program  $57.14  $2.86  N/A $60.00  $0.00  $0.00 $0.00  $60.00
Student Non-Accredited Program $57.14 $2.86 N/A $60.00 $22.00 $1.10 $23.10 $83.10
/Pre-Candidate (Non-Regulated Members)
 $330.30  $16.51  N/A $346.82  $218.28  $10.91 $229.19  $576.00