Member Information

APPI 2018 Member Renewal

Reminder! The APPI/CIP Member Dues Invoices were issued via email in December 2017 and were payable January 2, 2018. We encourage you to remit your dues immediately in order to remain a member in good standing and ensure coverage under the Professional Liability Insurance Program, where
applicable.  After March 31, 2018 you will be issued a second invoice which will include a 10% late penalty to the total amount owing.

Those invoices include the 2018 APPI fees, CIP fees, and the Professional Liability Insurance premium (for Candidate and RPP Members).  As per Bylaw Amendment 2017-1, passed in November 2017, membership with CIP is no longer mandatory for APPI members.  To opt out of CIP you are required to email Dana Gusse at [email protected] and a revised invoice will be issued to you and your membership with CIP will be cancelled. Click here for the Comparative Value Statements to assist with your decision.

The electronic invoice that you receive is your official invoice for the purposes of payment.  A hard copy of the invoice will not be mailed unless you make a specific request to the APPI office via [email protected] .  Member renewal fees are due by January 2, 2018. 

You must log in to pay online and go to: Renew Your APPI Membership  menu tab.


APPI Fee Schedule 2018

Member Category APPI APPI GST Professional Liability Insurance CIP CIP GST Total 2018
Registered & Candidates $312.81  $15.64  $47.00  $191.00   $9.55  $576.00
Non Practicing, Retired & Corporate Non-Active  $69.76  $3.49  N/A  $75.00  $3.75   $152.00
Non Resident  $313.33  $15.67  N/A  N/A  N/A  $329.00
Student  $54.19  $2.71  N/A  $22.00  $1.10  $80.00
 $312.81  $15.64  N/A  $191.00  $9.55  $529.00


Member RE-Activation Fee
$300 plus applicable back dues and late penalties (application restricted to two years for members in good standing only)

Examinations – GST not applicable
Oral Exam$420
Written Exam$450


APPI Registration Committee Meeting

The Registration Committee met on November 23, 2017.  A letter will be sent within ten working days to confirm the status of your submission or application. The next Registration Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 22, 2018.

You must login to access the logbook, and the forms. Candidate Members of APPI Accepted on or before August 31, 2012 are required to submit their logbooks directly to the APPI office.