CanU 2023 Calgary: Convergence

Urbanism at the Convergence of Resiliency and Diversity

The upcoming Calgary Forum will explore the idea of the Convergence of resiliency and diversity matters shaping the growth of our cities and communities.  The 3-day forum will bring experts from the public and private sectors, first nations, and minority groups to the table to discuss how diversity and inclusion (to include affordable housing) converges with the need to address climate change.  Some of the questions being explored include:​

  • How we deliver on sustainable, net zero environments while delivering affordable housing? Are they mutually exclusive? Can we bridge the gap?

  • In addressing climate change do we mitigate versus adapt?  What are the implications?

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Day 1 – All day: DECIDEDLY JAZZ DANCEWORKS  111 12 Avenue S.E.

 Day 2 – Morning: City Building Design Lab – 616 Macleod Trail SE.

                Evening: DIALOG offices - 300, 134-11 Avenue SE 

Day 3 – Bus Tour

CanU is a non for-profit organization focused on advancing great urban design as the foundation for city building in communities across Canada.  We do this by connecting people and professionals who have similar interests, educating and informing stakeholders and influencers, giving support to those involved in city design and advocating for better policies, programs and investments.

September 26th, 2023 8:00 AM to September 29th, 2023 4:00 PM
Calgary, AB
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