APPI Student Scholarships and Awards

Student Awards Announcement!

The recipients are honored at the annual APPI Volunteer Awards and Appreciation Celebration.

APPI Student Essay Contest — Indigenous, Remote, Rural andNorthern Planning

This Student Essay Contest was established in 2020, in honour of David Klippenstein (1944-2020), his outstanding contribution to planning in northern, indigenous and rural communities across Canada, and in appreciation of David’s passion for sharing of his knowledge in this planning realm.  The award is intended to cultivate students’ interest and further study in the realm of “Indigenous, Remote, Rural, and Northern Planning", which is of paramount relevance within APPI's jurisdiction.

2021 Recipients Congratulations!

Nicklas Baran, "Relearning Environmental Stewardship: Indigenous-led conservation in Community Planning"

Johnny Oum,  "Colonialism, Reconciliation, and the Planning Profession"

APPI Student Education Scholarships

The APPI Student Education Scholarship provides monetary assistance to students for tuition, research, books or other academic expenses.

2021 Recipients Congratulations!

Hafsat Adebayo, Master of Art, Urban & Regional Studies, University of Lethbridge

Ghazal Lotfi, Master of Science, Urban & Regional Planning, University of Alberta

Fares Mandour, Bachelor of Science, Specializatiion in Planning, University of Alberta


2020 Recipients

Cherise Roberts, Master of Urban & Reional Planning, University of Alberta

Seghan MacDonald, Master of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Alberta

Tina Dadgostar, Master of Planning, University of Calgary

Anil Yadav, Master of Planning, University of Calgary

Johnny Oum, Undergraduate, Urban & Regional Planning, University of Alberta

The Student Conference Award was not awarded this year due to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. Therefore the decision was made to use the funds and award two more students for the Student Education Scholarship award!