Changing Member Status and Transfers 

Non-Practicing Eligibility

In order to be eligible to change from RPP or Candidate practicing status to RPP Non-Practicing or Candidate Non-Practicing status, you must be a regulated member Candidate or RPP member in good standing

Good standing means that all existing financial obligations to APPI are paid and the member is fully compliant with APPI’s Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program. You must also meet any one of the following additional eligibility requirements: 

  • Currently unemployed due to ill health or disability consideration; 
  • Currently on a maternity or parental leave; 
  • Currently attending a full-time post-secondary education program AND not employed in professional planning in any capacity; 
  • Currently unemployed and actively seeking professional planning work; 
  • Considering full Retirement (i.e., Non-Regulated Member status) but still uncertain, and not employed in professional planning in any capacity; or
  • Recently retired.

To submit a request to change member status to Non-Practicing, fill out this form: Non-Practicing Status Request Form

To submit a request to change member status to Practicing, fill out this form: Practicing Status Request Form

Retired Eligibility

Members who are now retired and leaving active planning practice may apply to become a Retired member. Retired members continue to enjoy many of the services and benefits of membership, at a substantially reduced fee rate.

  • Must be a regulated member in-good-standing at the time of application (i.e. paid all current membership fees, current on CPL requirements, no outstanding disciplinary matters, etc.).
  • Must be fully retired from planning practice (no more paid planning projects / volunteering is okay).

To submit a request to change member status to Non-Practicing, fill out this form: Retired Status Request Form.

Reinstatement Information

The Professional Planner Regulation does not provide for the reinstatement of formerly regulated or retired members of APPI. Therefore, if you are experiencing challenging circumstances that may prevent you from meeting your regulated member obligations and/or pay your annual member fees, it is better to pursue Non-Practicing status rather than let your membership lapse. There is no option for those who are removed from the roster to be reinstated at a later date. Former members who wish to rejoin the Institute in the future must re-apply as new members and re-certify following the process in place via the Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada.

Transfer Process 

If you would like to transfer your membership from another PTIA to APPI, simply make a transfer request with your existing PTIA. In accordance with Bill 49, the Labour Mobility Act, APPI is committed to streamlining the registration process in Alberta for applicants who are currently registered with the same regulated profession in another province or territory of Canada.  Members transferring to APPI from another PTIA are not required to pay any additional fees as long as they are members in good standing with their existing PTIA, nor are they required to undertake any additional certification requirements.  In most cases, transfer applications are fully processed and approved within five business days or less.

If you would like to transfer your membership from APPI to another PTIA, fill out this transfer request form: Transfer Request Form

Updating Contact Information 

To update your contact information as a member, fill out this form: Contact Information Update Form