Continuous Professional Learning

Attention: Deadline for Reporting 2020 CPL December 31, 2020

Click here for the CPL Notice October 20, 2020

The APPI Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program demonstrates to the public and the Government of Alberta that the Institute is taking steps to ensure planning professionals are committed to ongoing professional learning and to maintaining the highest standards of skills, knowledge and professionalism, as per the Alberta Professional Planner Regulation.  APPI’s CPL program is flexible and members are able to acquire their Learning Units (LU’s) via a variety of providers virtually or online at little or no cost. APPI and the other Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations across Canada have reaffirmed their commitment to a national and consistent approach to CPL, and have acknowledged that CPL may be of even more value to our members during these challenging times.

Annual CPL Reporting Requirements

Members are required to log their CPL via the CIP website, and the self-reporting system.  Any professional learning, outside normal business, work or practice activities, is eligible for CPL reporting as long as it is in the realm of the core competencies for the planning profession (please refer to the CPL Program Guide).  For unstructured or non APPI provided learning, members are required to self-report that learning using the guide of 1.0 hour of learning equals 1.0 Learning Unit (LU).   The minimum requirements for the current reporting period are as follows:

•Minimum Organized & Structured LU’s: 9.0

•Maximum Independent & Self-directed LU’s: 9.0

•TOTAL LU’s Required LU’s: 18

•A maximum of 9 structured LU’s be carried forward to the following year subject to the completion of the minimum nine LU’s for the current year.


CPL Reporting Special Considerations

If you have life change or challenge, that may prevent your ability to comply with the CPL program and would like to inquire about special consideration to reduce CPL reporting requirements, or if you require clarification about the CPL program, please contact the APPI Registrar at [email protected].  Members who are non-compliant with the established criteria of the CPL program at the end of the calendar year will be removed from the Register of members in Good Standing – effective January 1, 2021 and will remain “not in good standing” until they complete the CPL reactivation process prior to June 30, 2021.  After June 30,2020 members who remain 2020 CPL non-compliant, are removed from the roster of APPI members and may not be reinstated.  Should one of those members wish to rejoin the Institute in the future, may not be reinstated and must re-apply as new members and re-certify via the processes in place and via the Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada.


APPI no longer emails CPL compliant letters as that information is always available in the CPL Activity page via the CIP website. APPI does not review or endorse other providers learning activity offerings.

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