Continuous Professional Learning

Learning is lifelong.

That is why APPI’s Continuous Professional Learning program helps members at all stages of their careers develop their skills while also furthering the highest standards of the planning profession.

The APPI Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program demonstrates to the public and the Government of Alberta that the Institute is taking steps to ensure planning professionals are committed to ongoing professional learning and to maintaining the highest standards of skills, knowledge and professionalism, as per the Professional Planner Regulation.  

The Planning Profession in Canada has committed to mandatory Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) as an ongoing requirement of professional membership. The National CPL Standard sets and summarizes the minimum CPL standard that professional members must adhere to, and that each PTIA must maintain and uphold. The intent of the national standards are to ensure consistency and portability across Canada. PTIAs may develop and define their own CPL program, policy manual, and practices, providing that they adhere to this minimum National CPL Standard.

National Continuous Professional Learning Standard for the Planning Profession in Canada

APPI’s CPL program is flexible and members are able to acquire their Learning Units (LUs) from  many providers online at varying levels of cost. All regulated APPI members (Registered Professional Planners and Candidate members, including Non Practicing RPPs and Candidates) are required to report a minimum of 18 Learning Units (LU's) annually.  

Any professional learning or practice activities, is eligible for CPL reporting as long as it is in the realm of the core competencies for the planning profession, refer to the CPL Guide. Learning activities provided by other organizations are eligible for structured units. Members are required to self-report that learning using the guide of 1.0 hour of learning equals 1.0 LU.

Learning units are reported via your APPI CPL portal on the CIP website:
1. Go to the CIP website: Home | CIP ( click on the Member Profile

2. Click on the APPI logo  PTIA Member Login | CIP (

3. In your profile, in the side menu click 'Record/View CPL Activities'

Annual CPL Reporting Deadline is December 31st. However, members are encouraged to acquire and report their CPL early and throughout the year. 

Learning Providers 

  • The Resources section now has a video library.
  • The APPI YouTube Channel has recordings of APPI webinars, past conferences and events. Viewing recordings of previously live sessions qualify to be logged as structured learning.
  • The Resources section of the APPI website contains links to many types of learning opportunities that qualify for structured (interactive) or unstructured (viewing pre-recorded sessions, reading planning related publications) CPL units.