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Attention: Deadline for Reporting 2020 CPL December 31, 2020

For the 2020 CPL reporting year, the reporting deadline is the calendar year end of December 31, 2020. To remain a member in good standing, APPI Regulated Members - Registered Members (RPP) and Candidate Members, the minimum 18 LU's for 2020 must be completed and reported on or before December 31, 2020 VIA the CIP website

APPI and the other Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations in Canada, have been receiving inquiries from members about whether or not the CPL reporting requirements will be relaxed or reduced for the 2020 reporting year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We acknowledge that this unprecedented health crisis has presented members with many challenges, including adjusting to new schedules and priorities, leading and implementing strategies to manage the crisis, personal and economic toll, and more.  

The 2019/20 APPI Council did discuss relaxing or reducing the 2020 CPL reporting requirements in March this year and the consensus was that Council did not support a change to the requirement of reporting the full 18 learning units annually, of which a minimum of 9 must be structured learning units.
Engaging in continuous professional learning as professionals serves “the public interest” and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning and maintaining the highest standards of skills, knowledge and professionalism.

This time of social distancing may provide many members with the time and opportunity to sharpen their skills and knowledge. There are so many ways to get learning units other than by attending in-person events or conferences.

The World Town Planning Day on line conference and CIP’s new webinar series, for example, and as many of you have seen, APPI is now offering and will continue to offer webinars on a variety of topics.

The APPI webinars will be offered at no charge for the 2020 year, and those that are approved to be recorded by the presenters, will be posted on the APPI website for viewing at a later date, and still be considered structured learning units.  

The new 2020/21 APPI Council will continue to monitor the CPL program for the rest of the 2020 reporting year, in partnership with the other Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations across Canada.

Professional planning in Canada is governed by a nationalpartnership ofinstitutes, according to a common set of standards and competencies, for both the accreditation of planning schools and the certification of individual planners, and the CPL program must also be applied consistently across the country.

Any member who is experiencing a life change, specific difficulty or extenuating circumstances, that will impede their ability to comply with their 2020 CPL reporting should contact APPI Executive Director, MaryJane Alanko.


APPI no longer emails CPL compliant letters as that information is always available in the CPL Activity page via the CIP website.

APPI does not review or endorse other providers offerings.

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APPI members must login to the CIP website to input their learning units into their cpl reporting record.

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) covers the specific activities that members of a professional body actively engage in to further their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities, relevant to the contemporary theory, methods, and practice of that profession. As professional planners, we live and practice our profession in a knowledge economy that rewards innovation and generates rapid change. Our employers, clients and public have a growing need and expectation that Planners remain current, participate in that innovation and provide positive direction to direct that change.


APPI Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) – The purpose of professional learning activity is to actively engage members in furthering their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities, relevant to the theory, methods, and practice of planning.   The Alberta Professional Planner Regulation Code of Professional Conduct states that members “must continually seek further knowledge in the theory and practice of planning and all other matters that enhance the reputation of the profession and the regulated member" and "must maintain currency in the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the practice of planning."


It is the responsibility of each regulated member of APPI to ensure that the terms under which their membership is granted annually are in compliance with the Bylaws and the Professional Planner Regulation. As a self regulating professional Institute and in the interest of the public, APPI has an obligation to ensure that all regulated APPI members fulfill their professional responsibilities.

APPI regulated members are required to log their Learning Units by logging into the CIP web site This is a self-reporting system, however, the recommended criteria is that members obtain nine formal and nine self-directed CPL units annually. Once in your member profile, click on the ‘CPL Reporting’ button and follow the instructions. Every effort is made to ensure APPI events have been inputted into the system for your convenience. You may also view your yearly summary.