Urban Agriculture On-Line Course Relaunched

Since Urban Agriculture and Local Food has moved from a trend to the most  robust way new farmers can cheaply enter the food production and marketing sector, it is important to point out that ALuKN's Growing Insights course has been reposted to landuseKN.ca 

The portal for Growing Insights, Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network's urban  agriculture and local food online course (MOOC) is now:


The course was originally launched in the fall of 2013 and run as a  professional development online course for the Alberta Professional Planners Institute in Feb. 2014. An extensive supporting set of videos are on landuseKN's YouTube channel. 

A video playlist for the videos associated with Module 1: Economics and  Sustainability are in landuseKN's Youtube playlist: 

Although the content is now 2 years old it still is an excellent inventory of  key players, concepts and developments in Alberta's urban agriculture and local food sector. Feel free to link to the content and videos for your own organization's use. As an emerging land-use trend. ALuKN developed this content to fill a knowledge void around urban agriculture in Alberta. Clearly as we identified in 2013, the opportunities for new farmers and the expansion of community gardens (and the social cohesion they build) were now 
opportunities ripe for the seizing by alert municipalities and entrepreneurs.