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Professional Specialization Certificate in Ecological Restoration

This non-credit certificate provides advanced training to conduct detailed site assessment and restoration projects that pay special attention to the unique conditions and challenges presented by built or otherwise highly altered environments.

The ER program is offered online so you can meet your annual professional development requirements on your own schedule. Sign up for one course or the entire certificate! We also have the following 5-day on campus courses available for professional development registration:

For more information, contact Laura at [email protected] or 250-721-8458. To learn more and read more course descriptions:

Upcoming Courses:

ER 502: Ecosystem Design through Propoagation of Plants
Dates: January 4 to April 10, 2020: tuition $750, online delivery

To register for a course or apply for the program, use the online application form which can be found at:
Or, contact the program office at [email protected] or 250-721-8458.
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This dynamic, interdisciplinary non-credit program provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to those interested in the rapidly emerging field of ecological restoration. By the end of this program you will be able to design and evaluate restoration projects in a broad range of subject areas, interpret technical reports, apply research methodologies, use current mapping and sampling technologies, identify and understand decisions and policies governing restoration work.

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