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The Simon Fraser University City Program  Urban Design and Next-Generation Transportation Certificates.

Urban Design Certificate

Our innovative, award-winning certificate in urban design takes an interdisciplinary approach to effective place-making and place-keeping. We bring together leading industry practitioners who will equip you with the skills and tools you will need to make a difference in your community. Participants work through courses over 10–18 months with a group of peers (a cohort), sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas.  

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Next-Generation Transportation Certificate 

Start with the first course - If you’re not ready for a program, we invite you to start with the first course, Next-Generation Cities and Transportation, which begins September 26. It's useful on its own or as a foundation for the rest of the program. After completing the course, you'll have the option of applying to the program and finishing the certificate.

This online certificate is designed to help mid-career professionals use next-generation transportation strategies to advance livable and sustainable cities of the future. We’ll emphasize case studies from around the world with policies and practices that resolve conflicts and explore trade-offs between different modes of transportation.  

Our instructors — experienced, fresh-thinking sustainability leaders, policy-makers, planners and decision-makers from North America and beyond—will provide context for past practice, improve on the conventional, discuss the radical and explore the possibilities that will make up transportation for the next generation. You may sign up for this course without signing up for the entire certificate.

Program Details