The Professional Standards Board (PSB) is seeking volunteers to help in its certification activities. 

Lend your experience and expertise to help Candidate members achieve certification as  Registered Professional Planners. PSB is looking for volunteers for three key roles:
Sponsors: the Sponsor is a key part of our quality assurance program. S/he verifies that  experience reported by Candidates meets the definition of responsible professional planning experience, and that such experience occurred as described in the Record of Work Experience.

Mentors: the Mentor provides guidance to Candidates in understanding the Institute’s Code of  Ethics and Code of Professional Practice to their day-to-day planning work. Mentors are very actively involved with their Candidates 

Examiners: the final step in PSB’s process leading to certification is the Professional examination. As an examiner, you will be asked to mark up to five Candidates’ exams.

To fulfill any of these roles, you must be a certified (RPP/MCIP) member in good standing, and have been such for at least three years. 

If you are interested in volunteering, or even if you just have questions about PSB and its role,  please contact: 

David Petrie, Executive Director,  Professional Standards Board 
Tel: 647-317-6924  E-mail: [email protected]

What Does it Take to be a Mentor?

  • Desire to give back to the profession
  • Willingness to share experiences for the betterment of the planning profession 

Benefits of Mentorship

  • Get to know others in planning
  • Build your knowledge base
  • Expand your professional network
  • Collaborate and problem solve
  • Exposure to new ideas