Membership FAQ's

The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) is a professional regulated organization under the provisions of the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act of Alberta, responsible for certifying members to achieve "Right to Title" and thereby are legally entitled to use the Registered Professional Planner – RPP designation. A RPP is a planner who has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to understand complex social, legal, and economic issues. The designation is highly regarded by government, private industry, public and non-profit agencies, and academic institutions.

Q: What is expected of RPP Members?
A: Registered Professional Planners (RPP) are required to follow APPI’s Code of Professional Conduct. APPI has a disciplinary process defined in the Professional Planner Regulation and POARA.

Q: Can I use RPP after my name if I am not a member of APPI?
A: Planners who are not members of APPI may practice in Alberta, but they may not call themselves Registered Professional Planners (RPP) as APPI cannot regulate the activities or ethics of non members. This includes RPPs of other PTIAs unless they become APPI Non Resident members.

Q: How much experience is required?
A: The amount of required cumulative responsible professional planning experience varies and is determined based upon the member's academic credentials and work history. Refer to

If you have other questions about membership, please contact us.