APPI Webinar - Municipal Protection of Indigenous Heritage Sites

Heritage protection in Alberta is legislated by the Historical Resources Act. Many municipalities have implemented programs through their Planning departments whereby Municipal Historic Resources are designated and protected. This fits with the Historical Resources Act’s system of designated historic places being registered against land titles, and allows Planning and Development staff to consider historical designations as part of land use and development regulation.


However, in the past the heritage lens has focused overwhelmingly on the preservation of ‘old buildings’ – i.e., settler structures. Where Indigenous heritage has a consideration it has often been in the context of archaeological discovery of artefacts during excavations for construction. In recent years, as municipalities have worked to give greater consideration to the full spectrum of Indigenous heritage, a number of challenges have been identified with existing heritage designation systems. How can municipalities deal with a difference in land ownership versus cultural ownership? Is it wise to draw attention to vulnerable Indigenous heritage sites? How can they best be protected, while avoiding heritagization? How can municipalities and Nations partner together on the protection and celebration of Indigenous heritage sites within municipal boundaries? These pressing questions will be explored in this webinar, through the lens of the City of Lethbridge’s efforts during its ongoing truth and reconciliation journey.


Perry Stein, RPP, MCIP

Partner Services Manager, City of Lethbridge

Perry Stein is the Partner Services Manager at the City of Lethbridge where he oversees the development of strategic partnerships with post-secondary institutions, enhancing the City's ability to access data, research and expertise. For nearly a decade, Perry has also worked at the forefront of reconciliation within municipal government settings, within the public and private sector contexts. Perry has lectured, presented and published widely on the topics of anti-colonial urban planning, models for municipal-Indigenous engagement, and Indigenous place-keeping/making.   

Ross Kilgour

Senior Community Planner, City of Lethbridge

Ross Kilgour earned his degree in Urban & Regional Planning in Edinburgh, Scotland. He then worked in London, England, first as a planner for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea before moving to the private sector with Firstplan Ltd. After immigrating to Canada in 2013, Ross joined the City of Lethbridge where he is a Senior Community Planner, focusing on the redevelopment of older neighbourhoods and the City’s heritage program. Ross’ passions in urbanism include sustainability, equity, planning/zoning reform, and enabling walkable neighbourhoods.


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September 11th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM