Standing Committees

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for overseeing and administering the Institute’s complaint process in compliance with the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act and the Professional Planner Regulation.

Greg Birch RPP - Chair
Connie Gourley RPP
Roy Wright RPP
Jamal Ramjohn RPP
Cindy Miller-Reade RPP
Erin O'Neill RPP

Practice Review Committee/Planning Education Committee

The Committee is responsible for the assessment of educational standards and experience requirements, the assessment and development of continuing education programs, the evaluation of desirable standards of competence, and may with the approval of Council conduct a review of a regulated member.

Peter Yackulic RPP - Chair
Peter Vana RPP
Nicholas Kuhl RPP - Council non voting member

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for approving applications for regulated membership in accordance with the Professional Planner Regulation and the Institute’s bylaws. The committee is also responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to APPI Council on any proposed changes to the shared national standards membership and accreditation standards.

Chelsea Whitty RPP - Chair
David Hales RPP
Greg Hofmann RPP
Jim Killoh RPP
Vicki Dodge RPP
Connor Smith RPP - Council not voting member
MaryJane Alanko – Registrar