APPI Committees

Awards and Volunteer Recognition Committees

These committees are responsible for soliciting and judging entries to the annual planning awards and volunteer recognition awards program. These awards celebrate the work of our members and stand as tribute to the excellent contributions their work makes to the field of planning.

Kellie Lau RPP - Chair of the Planning Awards
Dale Frietag RPP
Isela Contreras RPP
Jordan Furness RPP

Josephine Duquette RPP - Chair of the Volunteer Recognition Awards
Nancy Hackett RPP
Judy May-McDonald RPP

Sarah Ramey RPP - Chair of the Student Awards and Legacy Fund Committee
Gary Buchanan RPP
Dana Bao RPP
Kristina Schmidt RPP
Jordan Furness RPP

Climate Risk Institute - Adaptation Resource Pathway Committee

Jeff Birchall RPP
Shane Gagnon RPP
Steph Gagnon RPP
Hugo Haley RPP
Lilit Houlder
Rick Michalenko RPP
Jeff Pearson
Naomi Roy

Chelseay Rudolph RPP
Sunny Wang RPP
Gary Willson RPP

Event Committees

These committees function to offer networking and educational opportunities to our members, largely in the form of luncheon presentations on issues that are both timely and relevant to the practice of planning.  They generally offer a series of events to each local planning community over the course of the fall/winter/spring. Opportunities for involvement in these committees always exist – either as a part of the organizing team or as one of the informed speakers they tend to attract.

Calgary Event Committee

Courtney Lawrence RPP - Chair
Lauren Gagatek RPP
Phil Dack RPP
Patrick Churchman RPP
Jessica Anderson
Jordan Zukowski

Edmonton Event Committee

Natasha Desandi - Chair
Gary Buchanan RPP
Oliver Green RPP
Claudia Palylyk RPP
Connor Smith RPP
Taylor Varro RPP
Victoria Pham RPP
Micheal Borland
Stephen Yu RPP
Lilit Houlder
Tara Slater

Northern Event Committee

Chris Hewitt RPP
Margaret Kralt RPP

South Event Committee

Spencer Croil RPP
Tyson Boylan RPP

Conference Organizing Committee

On an annual basis, this committee administers the APPI Planning Conference. The work involved is varied and challenging as this committee is responsible for all facets of a successful conference – program definition, speaker selection, sponsor contributions and marketing. 

History and Archive Curator

Erik Backstrom RPP

Nominating Committee

Appointed each year for the purposes of recruiting members to serve on Council for the upcoming Council term, membership on this committee is approved by Council each fall and the Committee’s work terminates in the spring with the announcement of the slate of candidates for the upcoming election.

Tammy Henry RPP - Chair
Shawn Bravander RPP
Gary Buchanan RPP

PLAN North West Editorial Board

PLAN North West is the official publication of the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI), Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI) and Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute (SPPI). PLAN North West offers opportunities for publication of original works that are both community-based and research oriented, and relevant to Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Ariel Lupu RPP
Fabio Coppola
Miles Dibble RPP
Samantha Mark  RPP
Kyle Whitfield PHD, RPP
Lenore Swystun RPP