Engaging in continuous professional learning as professionals serves “the public interest” and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning and maintaining the highest standards of skills, knowledge and professionalism. There are many ways to get learning units other than by attending in-person events or conferences, and CPL offerings are not restricted to those provided by APPI and CIP. 



February 20, 2020 Tuktoyaktuk Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Revisions

Margaret Kralt RPP and Chris Hewitt RPP presented on the Tuktoyaktuk Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Revisions, Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Dillon Consulting Limited. Recipient of the APPI Planning Awards- Comphrehensive and Policy Plan. Rising sea-... > Read more

May 20, 2020 Linking Land Use Planning and Parks Practices (or Why Only the Loons Show Up)

This webinar explores the connection between land use planning and recreation and leisure service delivery in the 1960-2010 period in Edmonton, using Blue Quill and Greenview neighbourhoods as case study sites. It provides the webinar participant a... > Read more

May 14, 2020 Media Relations

Speaking to media can be a scary thing but if done right can be a great resource to share your organization’s story.Enterprise Canada is a full-service firm with a proven track record delivering strategic communications, media training, research,... > Read more

June 3, 2020 An Appetite for Resilience: How Planners Can Support Local and Regional Food Systems

Cassandra Caiger from Intelligent Futures presented the exploration of core elements of our food system. She shared her insights on the various roles planners can play in building and supporting local and regional food, while using storytelling, to... > Read more

October 21, 2020 The Journey Continues

In this session, Truper will reflect upon the instructive learnings and challenges in his elected years in local government which led him to a career as a professional planner and senior administrator. Issues discussed will include regional planning... > Read more

October 29, 2020 The Housing Supply Challenge

CMHC has just launched the Housing Supply Challenge! With $300M of funding up for grabs, this initiative invites citizens, stakeholders, and experts from across Canada to propose innovative solutions to the barriers that limit the creation of new... > Read more