Election 2019

APPI 2019-2020 Council 


Name  Position Member Status Location Sector
Mac Hickley President RPP Calgary Public
Erin O'Neill Past President RPP Edmonton Public
Kate van Fraassen Councillor RPP Calgary Public
Glinis Buffalo Councillor RPP Edmonton Public
Bernice Gonzalez Councillor RPP Kitscoty Public
Chelsea Whitty Councillor RPP Edmonton Private
Amanda-Brea Watson Councillor RPP Yellowknife Private
Gary Wilson Councillor RPP Calgary Private
Marilyn Hooper Councillor Public Member Edmonton Private


Councillor Commitment and Expectations:

  • APPI Council meets 5 – 7 times at various locations within the APPI jurisdiction per Council term and a minimum attendance of 75% is expected.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are paid by APPI and typically arranged by the APPI office.
  • The success of APPI relies on active participation and leadership by all members of APPI Council.

APPI Bylaws and the APPI Professional Code of Practice in the Professional Planner Regulation