Council Nominations 2024

APPI Nominating Committee Report 2024

The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) Nominating Committee gratefully recognizes Jeff Chase, Connor Smith, Nicholas Kuhl, Courtney Laurence, Margaret Kralt and Peter Ohm, whose terms on Council will end on April 25, 2024. Continuing members of Council for the 2024-2025 term will be as follows:


Name Position Member Status Location Sector
Khalid Mohammed President RPP High River Public
Nabil Malik Councillor RPP Fort McMurray Public
Matthew Boscariol Councillor RPP Rocky View County Public
Marilyn Hooper Councillor Public Member Sherwood Park  


The Nominating Committee is pleased to report that Erik Backstrom, RPP will assume the position of President Elect, by acclamation, as no other nominations were received for the position of President Elect.

The Nominating Committee is also pleased to report that the following regulated members in good standing were either recruited by the Committee or nominated independently, and have agreed to let their names stand for the four Councillor positions to be filled for two-year terms.

Name Position Member Status Location Sector
Sue Holdsworth Councillor RPP Edmonton Public
Margaret Kralt Councillor RPP Yellowknife Private
Nicholas Kuhl Councillor RPP Calgary Private
Peter Ohm Councillor RPP Vernon Private
Ravi Siddhartha Councillor RPP Calgary Public
Connor Smith Councillor RPP Edmonton Private


As there are six nominees for Councillor and the four Councillor positions to be filled, an election will be held. In accordance with APPI’s Bylaws, we hereby appoint Jamal Ramjohn, RPP, as Returning Officer. The 2024 APPI Council election will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Electronic ballots will be issued on or before March 26, 2024. The platforms for all nominees for Councillor are now available on the APPI website at Council Nominations | Alberta Professional Planners Institute (

The results of the 2024 Council election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting to be hosted virtually on April 25, 2024 at 12:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Henry, RPP                      Shawn Bravender, RPP                     Gary Buchanan, RPP
Committee Chair