Applying for Membership and APPI Candidate Information

All applications for Candidate membership are be directed to the Professional Standards Board (PSB) for initial assessment.

There are three types of assessment:
- accredited degree
- reciprocal agreement
- prior learning assessment recognition (PLAR)

For a quick reference, click here for the 'Professional Standards Board Process for Certification in the Planning Profession' document. Click here for the 'The Road to your RPP: How to become a Registered Professional Planner' document.

A Separate Assessment fee is paid directly to Professional Standards Board.

Assessment applications for Candidate membership are to be submitted directly to the PSB. Once the PSB has assessed the applicant as eligible to proceed to Candidate membership, the PSB will advise APPI and your Candidate membership will be vetted through the APPI Registration Committee.

APPI will advise you of your official Candidate membership acceptance and issued a separate invoice for the current year member dues.

APPI Other Member Categories and Fees: 

Students - Click here for Application. The annual fee is either: Student Accredited Program at $60.00 or owever there is not an application fee.

Subscribers - Click here for Application. The annual fee is $576.00, however there is not an application fee. This category is for those not currently eligible for Candidate membership but who will be pursuing PLAR at sometime in the future.

Non Resident - Click here for Application. The annual fee is $347.00, however there is not an application fee This category is for those Candidate members or a RPP members of a PTIA other than APPI, and would like to practice in the APPI jurisdiction as a regulated member with right to use the title RPP in relation to the practice, you may submit an application for APPI Non Resident membership by completing and submitting the form, and emailing your home PTIA with a request for them to forward a complete copy of your member record to APPI in support of your Non Resident membership application.  


APPI hosted the 'New Candidate Application and Certification Information Session' and is available to view with this series of videos: 


This link provided by OPPI covers the PSB Candidate assessment and certification processes. YouTube channel at