2020 APPI Annual Conference

Beyond Success: Growth by Failure - Virtual Conference
September 21 - 23, 2020

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This year’s conference will be hosted online and, with the help of our digital partners, streamed directly to your desktop or mobile device. However, just like other years, there will still be a diverse range of high-caliber content to satisfy your learning needs.

This year’s offerings include a panel session, a legal session and a keynote speaker in addition to many other speakers sharing their insights. Networking opportunities will be delivered in an online environment to energize and to connect with industry leaders, colleagues, old and new friends. As this year’s conference will be held online, we hope to attract an audience not only from Alberta, but from the rest of Canada and beyond!

Register now! Click here to access the online web registration form before September 9, 2020. There is a limited number in our online delivery system, so please register as soon as possible!

Refunds will not be issued, and registrations are not transferable. The fee includes unlimited for delegates only to access the conference webinars for one year. Register by August 31 and you will be entered to win a free full registration for our 2021 conference!

Announcing Keynote Speaker Darby Lee Young, Principal Accessibility Strategist, Level Playing Field Inc. 
'Leadership in Accessibility and Designing for the Future'

Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in the built environment. With rapidly evolving accessibility policy it is key that city builders understand the importance of accessibility. Without having a disability, it is impossible to fully understand living with a disability. How can you design, plan or build something accessible when you do not have to experience inaccessibility daily? The practice of empathetic design is key to understanding disability and the built environment for city builders that do not have experience living with disabilities. The goal of this presentation is to empower planners, designers and developers to design, build and plan empathetically.

Conference Session Descriptions

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The conference session descriptions, speaker information, and schedule will be posted once they are confirmed. All sessions qualify for structured learning units.

Thank you from the APPI 2020 Conference Organizing Committee!

Tyson Boylan, RPP, MCIP   Co-Chair
Spencer Croil, RPP, MCIP   Co-Chair