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        September 22, 2016


Professional Planners support economic diversification efforts in Alberta

Economic diversification is at the forefront of both private sector and government discussions as Alberta seeks new opportunities for growth and development. 

Efforts to attract new sectors, such as clean technologies, renewable energy, transportation and logistics, creative industries and agribusiness, are being supported by professional planners.  The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) wishes to spotlight the contributions made by planners on the front lines of development and behind the scenes planning for the future.

Professional planners recognize Alberta’s economic challenges and are working to streamline day-to-day planning processes, reduce uncertainties to help lower the costs of doing business, create policies that encourage innovative development, and balance shifting land-use demands with the overall public interest.  APPI commends the work planners are doing to contribute to the competitiveness of Alberta’s urban and rural environments by increasing the livability of our cities and towns, both for current citizens and families and to attract world-class talent.  High-quality, comprehensive planning delivers positive economic outcomes by building constructive relationships with the business community and by providing certainty throughout the approvals process.  Planners also work with elected officials to deliver major infrastructure projects and enhance the speed and quality of local decision making through community engagement and transparent consultative approaches.

“The accomplishments of planners in our province are evident when our cities and towns are consistently rated the top places to live and do business in Canada.  The work that planners do is integral to this success”, says MaryJane Alanko, APPI Executive Director.  “Entrepreneurs and creative industries prefer to establish themselves in livable, walkable, prosperous cities, with well-informed, well-connected and multi-faceted people, where they can innovate to effectively meet the changing needs of business and society.”

APPI is the face of the planning profession within Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, serving the public interest by providing regulation, advocacy, promotion, and services for our members.  A not-for-profit professional institute that regulates and serves a membership of 975 private and public sector planners, APPI is governed as a publicly accountable organization with obligations under the Alberta Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act and the Professional Planner Regulation, including adherence to a code of professional conduct.  As part of our mandate we provide continuous professional learning activities for our members and the public, to help ensure that Alberta’s planners are current and up to date in planning theory and best practices.

For 56 years, Alberta’s professional planners have been designing great cities and communities throughout the province, by integrating diverse interests and developing plans and policies that adapt and respond to change.  Now, with massive changes looming on the horizon, the need to plan for resilience has never been greater.

APPI understands that our economy needs to diversify and that change will continue for years to come.  We will ensure our members are current with new provincial acts and policies that promote job creation and economic development, and we will continue to play a significant role in creating a more sustainable and diversified economy.

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We are the face of the planning profession within Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We serve the public interest by providing regulation, advocacy, promotion, and services for our members.
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