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        September 19, 2016‚Äč


Plan North West

Autumn 2016 Issue 1 Released!

The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI), Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI) and Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute (SPPI) welcome our readers in Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Saskatchewan to the first issue of our new shared planning journal! The intent of PLAN North West is to widen our horizons by sharing knowledge and experiences across a much larger area than we could otherwise cover within our individual provinces or territories. Our first issue delivers on that intent by including articles representing all three of our Institutes.

It is dedicated to introducing the provinces and territories and getting to know each other. It is about sharing our diversity, exploring our similarities and differences, and expressing our vision for the future. The submissions we received represent some of each region’s strengths and challenges. They also represent some of our shared issues as planners and the collective consciousness that shows in our responses to these challenges.

PLAN North West is produced by volunteers. The Journal Committee for the inaugural issue includes Carley Friesen, who began working on PLAN North West from Manitoba but who has just moved to Alberta; Laurie Kimber, Miles Dibble, Beatrice McMillan and Jamie Doyle, also from Alberta; Brittany Shewchuk and Semra Kalkan from Saskatchewan; and Dianne Himbeault from Manitoba. The PLAN North West Journal Committee would like to thank the authors who contributed to the first issue and met our extremely tight submission deadlines.
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Call for Submissions: THE WATER ISSUE
Our changing northwestern landscape shares many issues, and the importance of water is a big one. The South and North Saskatchewan River and Churchill River basins link all three prairie provinces, the Athabasca, Peace and Assiniboine rivers also flow across political boundaries and the Arctic Ocean is emerging as a topic of discussion on a grand scale. Concerns over water quality and quantity, as well as its wise use and management, are at the forefront of numerous regional and resource planning initiatives. Therefore the next issue will be “The Water Issue.”

For more information or to submit an article for consideration in PLAN North West, please email the APPI office at [email protected].



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