2019 APPI & CIP Member Renewal Invoices


The 2019 APPI/CIP member renewal invoices will be issued via email on the week of December 10, 2018.  Those invoices will include the 2019 APPI fees, CIP fees, and the Professional Liability Insurance Premium (for Candidate and RPP Members).  As per Bylaw Amendment 2017-1, membership with CIP is no longer mandatory for APPI members.  To opt out of CIP membership, please email [email protected] and you be issued a revised 2019 member renewal invoice with the 2019 CIP fees removed.

The electronic invoice that you receive via email is your official invoice for the purposes of payment.  A hard copy of the invoice will not be mailed unless you make a specific request to the APPI office. Member renewal fees are due by January 2, 2019.  Payment may be made via one of the following methods:

  1. Online payment system as per the chart below:
    • With the Member Fee chart below, choose your membership category and follow the prompts to proceed with payment using VISA, Mastercard or a direct PayPal account.

      Please note that members who opt out of CIP membership will not have the ability to utilize the online payment method.

  2. Pay the emailed electronic invoice directly using the 'pay now' option:
    • Click on the ‘’View Invoice’ in the email to pay directly to the APPI accounting system.
    • Or, you may send the invoice that is attached with the email, back to the APPI office via [email protected] with credit card payment information.
  3. Mail a cheque to the APPI office at PO Box 3099, Sherwood Park AB  T8H 2T1
  4. Fax your invoice with credit card payment information to the APPI office: 780-452-7718.

Receipts will be issued via email to all members. 

Has your Address or any other Contact Details Changed? 

Use this form to update your home and employer contact information.  Administration will ensure the APPI and CIP databases have been updated. 

Click here for the form, update the appropriate items and return to [email protected].


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