Regulated Members


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Regulated Members

APPI Regulated members include both Candidate and RPP members.  Regulated members of APPI have rights and responsibilities of membership defined in both the Alberta Professional Planner Regulation and APPI’s bylaws, including compliance with APPI’s Professional Code of Practice and continuous professional learning program. All regulated members must meet requirement for professional competence via education and experience and therefore, provide assurance to Albertans and the Government of Alberta that the public interest is being protected.

Registered Professional Planner Designation (RPP) and How to use it

APPI has the exclusive authority to grant the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) professional designation and protected title to those members who have completed the certification process and relevant standards for ethical and professional competency. The RPP credential is an assurance of quality for employers who want to attract the most professional, skilled and competent candidates. Registered Planners bring added value to their employers and their communities.

APPI encourages all RPP certified members to use the RPP professional designation proudly alongside their names, in business signatures on business cards, in email signatures and on professional social media sites such as LinkedIn.  This further promotes the planning profession and raises the credibility and profile of Registered Professional Planners (RPP’s). The former title of Alberta Community Planner (ACP), no longer exists in legislation or APPI’s bylaws, and should not be utilized by APPI’s members.

Member Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP)

MCIP is an appellation conveying membership in the non-regulated Canadian Institute of Planners, and is restricted to those RPP members of APPI.

Notes to Candidates and Subscribers

APPI Candidate and Subscriber are not certified members of APPI and therefore cannot use the RPP designation or the MCIP (member of the Canadian Institute of Planners) appellation.  APPI Candidate members and Subscribers may not utilize "APPI Candidate" or "APPI Subscriber" with their names in a business signature, as there is no such designation or appellation.