APPI Call for Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities with APPI - You can make a difference! New Opportunities!

Volunteering provides members with a unique opportunity to contribute to the Institute and the profession, while broadening their professional networks and acquiring new skills.  APPI’s volunteers are a valued and integral part of the organization and success and APPI Council has committed significant resources to support the vital role of our volunteers. Volunteering is mutually beneficial and provides individual volunteer members with skills that they can transfer to their professional and personal lives. Volunteering with APPI is eligible to be logged as structured learning for the purposes of the reporting of mandatory Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) with APPI, using the rule of thumb that one hour is equivalent to one Learning Unit (LU). APPI has the following new volunteer opportunities available and you are invited and encouraged to consider applying to serve on one or more of the Committees.

Seeking Volunteers to review The Professional Standards Board (PSB) PLAR Applications

The Professional Standards Board relies on the support of volunteers to achieve its mandate and effectively administer our certification and accreditation services. Due to increased interest in certification, we are seeking volunteers to assist in the evaluation of applications through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) route. PLAR applicants do not have a degree from an accredited planning program, but have at minimum an undergraduate degree and five years of experience in responsible planning. 

About the role of PLAR assessors:

•Duties:  Review Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) application packages. PLAR applications require careful review and include a portfolio and self-assessment grid.

•Time Commitment: 7-8 hours per application (done over the span of 4-6 weeks). You may review 1-12 applications per year as per your availability.

•Start Date: We are looking for assessors to begin immediately. However, volunteers are welcome at any time during the year.

•Training:  The PLAR Orientation outlines the criteria for evaluating applications and other important considerations.

•Compensation: You may be eligible for CPL credits for your work as a PLAR assessor. Please contact your provincial institute for confirmation and details.

If you are interested in volunteering in this role, please contact Nzinga Brown, Certification Manager, at [email protected]. Please review our Help the Profession document for more details about this and other PSB volunteer opportunities. Your commitment to advancing the profession is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The Professional Standards Board (PSB) is seeking volunteers to help in its certification activities. 

Are you a Registered Member of APPI? Would you like to help young professionals advance their career as an RPP? If you have been a Registered Member for 3 or more years, the Professional Standards Board (PSB) would love to include you as a Sponsor or Mentor. If you have been an RPP for the last 7 years or more, the PSB also needs PLAR Assessors, exam markers and site visit team members to review and accredit planning programs.

Interested in contributing? Fill out the Volunteer Registration Form. Following this, the PSB will contact you with more information. We appreciate your leadership and commitment to the planning community!


Volunteer opportunities are restricted to APPI members in good standing and may further be restricted to APPI Regulated Professional Planners (RPP) and/or Candidate members, as specified in each description. If you are interested in one or more of these new exciting and challenging volunteer roles, you are encouraged to submit an expression of interest letter to APPI citing your name and summarizing your interest and suitability for the role with a copy of your current resume to [email protected] 

If you have questions about any of these volunteer opportunities, the role, the time commitment or the process for submitting an expression of interest, please contact MaryJane Alanko, APPI Executive Director via email at [email protected]